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US, S Korea Set Up Wartime Unit to Destroy North’s Nukes


South Korea will soon create a Combined Division with the United State, providing a rapid reaction capability against North Korean weapons of mass destruction, in case of a full-scale conflict broke out between North and south Korea. The mechanised division will be lead by a US major general with a South Korean deputy will be set up in the first half of 2015. It will include several soldiers from the US Army 2nd Infantry Division and a South Korean brigade level force. The units from the two countries will be based separately, but join together for training and on emergency. If war broke out, the troops would jointly carry out “strategic operations” such as missions to eliminate weapons of mass destruction and civil missions against North Korea, South Korean publication Yoinhap wrote.

The command will be established at Uijeongbu, north of Seoul, where the US 2nd Infantry Division is based. The combined division will eventually move to Pyeongtaek as the 2nd Infantry Division shifts to Camp Humphreys as part of a long-planned relocation of most Army forces on the peninsula to regional hubs. The relocation is expected to largely be completed by 2017 as the $10.7 billion expansion of Camp Humphreys finishes.

Nearly 30,000 US troops are currently stationed in the South under a bilateral military accord.

If fresh hostilities broke out, the US commander in South Korea would assume control of the South’s 640,000 troops.

A transfer of command in a wartime setting was set for 2015, which would allow South Korea control of its own troops, but Seoul wants a postponement citing the increased threat from North Korea’s nuclear and missile development.

Chinese media reveals FL-3000N point defense missile as HQ-10


China has unveiled the HongQi-10 (Reg Flag 10) shipborne close-in air defense missile system, designed to defeat sea skimming anti-ship missiles. The system is designed to provide quick response to those low-altitude missiles threats that area-defense systems fail to intercept. The new system was installed on China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning and the new type 056 corvettes since 2011 where it was designated FL-3000N.

Designed as a close-in defense system, HongQi-10 can engage sea skimming targets flying at 1.5 to 10 meters above the sea level. The system requires only 10 seconds from warning to first missile launch. The system employs both infrared and electromagnetic seekers, to effectively engage either passive or active guided anti-ship missiles. As a dual seeker missiles, the HongQi-10 can better handle jamming.

China is also considering the weapon for use for land-based point defense, protecting ground forces and land based targets from air attacks by jets, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

Oerlikon Skyshield delivered to Indonesia


Oerlikon Skyshield systems have shown up in Indonesia recently, following the completion the first deliveries of systems, under a framework contract with an ‘unidentified customer in Asia’ announced January 2013. The customer has now been confirm to be Indonesia.

The Skyshield will serve in stationary air defence role, protecting air bases and other air-force force installations. The contract encompasses six systems and the accompanying ammunitions and logistics, together with integrated MANPADS for surface-to-air missiles. The project is slated to run for three to four years.

DND seeks P25 B for modernization projects


The Philippines are planning to spend over US$ 0.5 billion(24.7 billion Peso) to fund 12 new procurement programs for its armed forces. Those projects include the funding of six close air support aircraft, two long-range maritime patrol aircraft, weapons and ammunition for the FA-50 lead-in fighter trainers acquired from South Korea, two anti-submarine helicopters, three multi-purpose attack crafts, 46 light utility trucks, 4,464 night vision systems, 744 multi-purpose rocket launchers, 1,446 hand held radios and 60 new High-Frequency (HF) radios.

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